WE ARE PROUD TO INTRODUCE OUR PARTNER – Metroins: One of the market’s leader to install platform lift solution.

With a well-trained team of platform lift technical experts, Metroins will be the most reliable supplier to support you in designing and installing Aritco homelift for your own house.

Metroins works on the basis: “Do not sell a lift, We provide a solution”. Hence, let Metroins do the work, you just have to enjoy the comfort way of travel Aritco provides along with the luxury design that bring your house to the next level.



    – Contact customer

    – Check technical specs

    – Suggest solution


    – Review Contract

    – Sign the contract

    – Make first deposit

    – Make order to Aritco

    What is Screw & Nut technology?

    Screw and nut drive lifts are incredibly simple. In Aritco’s screw-and-nut drive system, a screw pole runs the length of the shaft, while a motor on the platform drives a nut attached to the screw.

    The motor and the nut are attached to the platform wall. When the lift is operated, the motor drives the nut to rotate around the screw. When the motor turns the drive nut one way, the lift car goes up. When the motor turns the nut the other way, it goes down.



    • Easy to maintain and service.
    • Relatively low cost initially and over the lifetime.
    • Automatic lubrication ensures a smooth ride with minimal wear.
    • 5-year guarantee.


    Aritco 4000

    Aritco 4000 is our smallest and most compact lift. The lift has been designed to meet all requirements for comfort, space and design.

    Aritco HomeLift

    Aritco HomeLift is designed to be that extra feature of your home. It is decorative and is a spectacular design feature, which makes your home unique. It provides you with that extra feeling of luxury, and it ignites the full potential of your home.

    Aritco HomeLift/PublicLift Access

    Aritco Access series are designed to give access to your house for both you, your family and your friends. Practical and smart with sizes for all needs.

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    Our core value is to bring the comfortable way of home mobility and luxury design solutions to home owners.
    Aritco is the only solution for penthouse in the market. This solution provides our family the best and safest way of travel within our penthouse while its design fits well with the house's interior design
    Ms.Thuý - Penthouse Ha Noi
    With a simple yet innovative technology, Aritco helps save up spaces and makes it easy to install a lift in home. I can place the lift everywhere and make it one of the kind to satisfy my customer's desire.
    Mr.Trung - Architect
    My family installed the traditional lift previously but honestly the lift didn't have any aesthetical value. As soon as I know about this Aritco Homelift solution, which possesses not only the new and comfort way of travel but also the luxury and modern design, I immediately want to install this lift for my villa
    Mr.Sơn - Villa Thao Dien

    Reasons why people should buy from Metroins - Aritco Certificated partner

    Professional services
    Life-time supports
    Customers are always right
    Do not sell a lift. Provide a solution

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